exhibition event stands mistakes

Common Exhibitor Mistakes

  1. What is the event stand objective?

    It’s important to establish what you want to accomplish with the exhibition event stand
    What are you after? Sales? Brand Value? Industry Awareness? Education? New Relationships?

    Define your objective before anything else.

  2. Lack of promotion

    Do your clients know you’re exhibiting? Have you spread the word to potential clients?
    Promotion is the aspect of exhibiting that is often overlooked.

    Make sure to take advantage of your marketing channels to let people know you’re exhibiting.

  3. All glitz, no message

    Are you explaining your services accurately? Do passersby easily recognise what you do?
    Take a step back and look at your presentation from a potential client’s point of view.

  4. Tchotchkes!

    Are you spending a lot of money on goofy giveaway items?
    These promotional items may get people to come to your stand, but are you attracting the right kind of people?

    If you’re going to be giving away free stuff, make sure that it’s useful to the kind of client that you want.

  5. Poor use of graphics

    Does your stand resemble the quality and professionalism you want to be seen for?
    It’s worth the extra penny to get a professional involved to make sure your exhibition event stand quality is up to scratch.

  6. Nothing to show

    Have you prepared a presentation of your product or services?
    Do you have samples ready for exhibition goers to look at?

    Having something to show potential clients is key to a successful exhibition.

  7. No time for visitors

    Are you constantly on the phone while manning the stand?
    Are you available to answer any questions exhibition goers may have?

    It’s important to have enough people manning the stand – consider hiring trained help.

  8. Ignoring the show manual

    Most shows will supply you with a manual, CD or website link with the rules and guidelines for the show.
    It’s important to ensure you go through all the information to make sure that you understand the specific requirements of the show.

    Something as simple as incorrect stand height could mean disqualification from the show entirely!

  9. Lousy follow-up

    Are you keeping in touch with the contacts you collected at the show?
    Having a clear and personalised follow-up schedule is a necessity if you want to win a client!

  10. No after-show evaluation

    Are you able to establish if the show was a success or a failure?
    Can you measure your ROI (return on investment)?
    What do you think you can improve on for the next show?

    Make sure you have measureable data to substantiate any exhibition.